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Mitsuko Tottori: Pioneering Leadership in Aviation

Mitsuko Tottori is a Japanese airline executive who made history by becoming the first woman to lead Japan Airlines. She was appointed as the President and Chief Executive Officer of the company in April 2024. Her remarkable journey from cabin crew to the top leadership position is truly inspiring.

Mitsuko Tottori | The Business Anecdote

Mitsuko Tottori's story begins in 1985 when she joined Japan Airlines as a flight attendant. Her early years were marked by challenges, including the aftermath of a tragic airline crash in the same year. Despite these obstacles, Tottori remained resilient and committed to her work.

As a cabin attendant, she gained firsthand experience in passenger service, safety protocols, and the intricacies of aviation. Her dedication caught the attention of JAL's leadership, leading to her ascent within the company.

Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Tottori's career trajectory was anything but ordinary. She transitioned from being a flight attendant to holding key leadership positions. Her journey included roles in Corporate Safety & Security, where she contributed to enhancing safety measures and crisis management.

In 2020, as Senior Vice President of the Cabin Attendants Division, Tottori faced unprecedented challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her ability to navigate employee morale, safety protocols, and operational efficiency was commendable.

A Historic Appointment

In April 2024, Mitsuko Tottori achieved a historic milestone. She was appointed as President and Chief Executive Officer of Japan Airlines, becoming the first woman to lead the company. Her appointment shattered gender barriers and sent a powerful message about diversity and inclusion in the aviation industry.

Tottori's leadership extends beyond boardrooms. As Senior Vice President of the Customer Experience Division, she prioritized passenger satisfaction. Her initiatives included improving in-flight services, enhancing cabin comfort, and ensuring seamless travel experiences for JAL's customers.

Under Tottori's guidance, Japan Airlines continues to thrive. She emphasizes a balanced fleet strategy, recognizing the importance of both Airbus and Boeing aircraft. Moreover, she advocates for more women to ascend to top leadership roles within the aviation sector.


Mitsuko Tottori's journey inspires us all. Her determination, resilience, and commitment to excellence serve as a beacon for aspiring leaders. As she steers Japan Airlines toward new horizons, her legacy will echo through the skies for generations to come. Mitsuko Tottori's legacy reminds us that breaking barriers is not only about achieving personal success but also about paving the way for others.


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