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10 ways for your brand to standout out on social media

Updated: Sep 10, 2021


Let’s be honest. Standing out in the crowded world of social media is anything but easy, and we all know it.

Even the world’s largest companies find it challenging to make people stop scrolling and read their posts on, which makes it even harder for less popular brands to make their content reach the audience.

But don’t get disappointed and read this promising statement closely:

Any brand can become a social media hit, as long as they remain resilient, consistent, and smart enough to leverage technology, and their creative brain to make it work

We know your digital marketing teams may find it hard to get your brand noticed on social media so, without further ado, let’s dive into these tips that will help you reflect upon your current strategies, and take your brand to the next level.

#1 Your Voice = Your Identity

Language plays a key role when it comes to showing your identity. So make sure all channels portray the same voice to make the message tangible and cohesive for your audience.

Remember: If there’s inconsistency, the break in character will cause distrust and you’ll end up losing credibility.

# 2 Create Content People Can Relate to

Any potential customer is a human being with human feelings and interests, so connecting at an emotional level will make your content more appealing and empathic. Be sure to:

  • know your target audience

  • Put your brand out there

  • Listen to what people think and feel, and respond to that (this means creating reactive content)

  • Transmit good vibes and genuine relationships

  • Be real and genuine to make people trust you

  • Be vivid and bold with your messaging

Pro Tip

If you have the data, means and tools, think alike so that people can connect with your brand’s identity more easily

#3 Make video your best ally

Today, 82% of consumer internet traffic is video and it’s the most effective way to capture people’s attention quickly, optimize ad spend, and retarget viewers by viewing thresholds.

Let’s face it: The written word is powerful, but there’s no chance your audience will read your post in the tone you intend unless you engage their multiple senses with an effective video.

So, If you truly want to stand out from all the noise and competition, bear these tips in mind and start making the most of video content in your marketing campaigns.

#4 Break up your blog posts

Here goes a must-consider strategy : Break your content up into engaging graphics or short videos. Your company’s blog probably has lots of articles with top tips and interesting tools. So, breaking them up into micro content, and sharing them on social media will make people go and read those interesting posts which they may have scrolled past before!

Pro Tip

Using Adobe design tools or knowing how to make quick videos with Lumen 5, for instance, is a plus. It’ll save you a lot of time as you won’t be depending on the design team to put your ideas through all the time.

#5 Repurposing: Your smart life saver

Sometimes it’s hard to create fresh content from scratch and ideas don’t come so easily. So, encourage your digital marketing teams to be practical and smart.

Tell them to pull out some of your past high performing content and repurpose it.


  • Saves time;

  • Diversifies your content;

  • Drives organic traffic back to your website and blog;

  • Raises brand awareness;

  • You get to redeem unsuccessful content;

Consider videos, stats, carousels, quotes, audiograms, how-to’s, create a post series, infographics from data, or step-by.step information.

And don’t worry. People consume so much content everyday that they will probably not remember what you posted months ago!

#6 Share Quotes

Using quotes with a hint of your brand’s identity is a very effective social media content strategy.


  • They make branding visual;

  • Some are educational and informational;

  • People love them because they are brief and easily consumed;

  • They appeal to emotions;

Key Takeaway

Quotes are always thought-provoking, as they spark the desire to learn and reflect in your audience. If you choose the right one, they’ll follow your brand and wait for your next engaging quote post!

#7 Share Photos to Show Your Culture

You need to let people in. Engage your audience by allowing them to connect with your company’s culture.

Especially in today’s hybrid work scenario, posting pictures of your employees sharing daily experiences remotely helps you reflect your core corporate values and culture.

Remember: If people see your employees love your organizational culture, they will love your brand too.

Did you know that Millennials and Gen Z's choose brands they can identify with?

Well, many of your followers are working remotely too, so seeing your employees in the same situation will make them connect at a human level.

When things start getting back to normal, and employees return to the office, you can still share photos that reflect your organisation's culture and practices.

#8 Leverage Customer Analytics

Yes. With social media content invading our everyday life, your target audience has become more informed, opinionated, fickle, and tuned to other people’s opinions than ever before.

So leverage the use of data and analytics wisely to get a deeper understanding of your potential customers, grow in them and keep them following your brand over time.

#9 Just Ask!

Is there anything more engaging than a good question?

Asking fun and smart questions can be used as a powerful marketing strategy because your followers’ responses can make your post go viral.

So, keep them simple and relevant to your business, but also be witty and friendly so people can’t resist the temptation to stop what they’re doing and give you an answer. Remember to give a call to action in a very direct way.

#10 Choose The Right Hashtags!

Social media is all about hashtags. But, what are they? In a nutshell, they are labels that make information easier to find.

Hashtags are one of the top strategies you should implement because they encourage social media users to explore content and, when used wisely, they can become a great organic opportunity to make your content catch their eye and encourage audience interaction.

Don’t get upset if things don’t work out the way you expected, otherwise you’ll end up sabotaging your creativity. Depending too much on the audience’s reaction, especially on social media, can be easily frustrating.
Keep developing professionally and expand your professional network. Connect fellow professionals and follow business and digital marketing leaders. This way you’ll stay tuned with top strategies and latest learning opportunities!

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Rubén Gutierrez
Rubén Gutierrez
Sep 13, 2021

Great article, super helpful! thanks for sharing!

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