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Top 10 LinkedIn Influencers to follow in 2023

LinkedIn Influencers are thought leaders and experts in their respective fields who share their insights and knowledge with the LinkedIn community. These individuals have a significant following on the platform and are recognized for their contributions to their industry, as well as their ability to inspire and engage others.

Top 10 LinkedIn Influencers to follow in 2023 | The Business Anecdote

By following LinkedIn Influencers, you can gain valuable insights into the latest trends and best practices in your field, as well as insights into the broader business landscape. Whether you're looking to expand your professional network, stay informed about industry news, or simply stay inspired, following LinkedIn Influencers is an excellent way to stay ahead of the curve.

Our top 10 LinkedIn influencers to follow in 2023 are Gary Vaynerchuk, Neil Patel, Chef (Andre) Rush, Shama Hyder, Caspar Lee, Gretta van Riel, Shari Levitin, Gulneet Chadha, Janice Gassam Asare and Lakrisha Davis.

Gary Vaynerchuk | The Business Anecdote

Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur, author, and internet personality who has established himself as a leading voice in the business world. Born in Belarus in 1975, Vaynerchuk immigrated with his family to the United States when he was three years old. He grew up in New Jersey, where his parents ran a small liquor store.

At the age of 14, Vaynerchuk began working in the family business, and by the time he was in college, he had already started his own wine retail company. In 2006, he launched Wine Library TV, a video blog that quickly gained a large following and established Vaynerchuk as a wine expert and internet personality.

Since then, Vaynerchuk has launched several successful businesses, including VaynerMedia, a digital marketing agency that works with major brands such as PepsiCo, General Electric, and Toyota. He is also the author of several books, including "Crush It!: Why Now Is the Time to Cash in on Your Passion" and "The Thank You Economy."

Vaynerchuk is known for his energetic and passionate approach to business, as well as his focus on social media and digital marketing. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and events, and he has been featured in numerous media outlets, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes.

Despite his success, Vaynerchuk remains humble and grounded, and he is dedicated to helping others achieve their goals. He is a strong advocate for entrepreneurship and is known for his willingness to share his knowledge and expertise with others.

In addition to his business ventures, Vaynerchuk is also involved in philanthropy, and he has supported several charities over the years, including Pencils of Promise, a non-profit organization that helps to build schools in developing countries.

Neil Patel | The Business Anecdote

Neil Patel is a renowned entrepreneur, digital marketer, and blogger who has made a significant impact on the world of online business. Born in London in 1985, Patel grew up in Orange County, California. He attended Cal State Fullerton, where he majored in marketing.

After college, Patel launched his first successful online business, an internet job board called Advice Monkey. He then went on to co-found Crazy Egg, a website analytics company, and KISSmetrics, a marketing analytics software company.

Over the years, Patel has become one of the most well-known figures in the digital marketing industry, thanks to his extensive knowledge and expertise in areas such as search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and social media marketing. He is also a prolific blogger, with his website and his personal blog receiving millions of visitors each month.

In addition to his work as an entrepreneur and blogger, Patel is also a sought-after speaker and consultant. He has worked with some of the world's largest corporations, including Amazon, NBC, and General Motors, to help them improve their online marketing strategies.

Patel is known for his willingness to share his knowledge and expertise with others, often through his blog and various speaking engagements. He also supports several charitable causes, including education and poverty alleviation.

Overall, Neil Patel is a dynamic and influential figure in the world of digital marketing and entrepreneurship. His commitment to excellence, coupled with his willingness to share his knowledge with others, has made him a valuable resource for anyone looking to succeed in the online business world.

Chef Andre Rush is a renowned chef, military veteran, and public speaker who has made a significant impact on the culinary world and beyond. Born in Ohio in 1971, Rush grew up in a military family and joined the army himself at the age of 18.

During his time in the military, Rush served in various combat units, including the 1st Infantry Division and the 4th Infantry Division. He also worked as a chef for the White House, cooking for several presidents and their families.

After retiring from the army in 2018, Rush continued to pursue his passion for cooking, launching his own catering and consulting company. He has also become a well-known public speaker, sharing his inspiring story of overcoming adversity and finding success as both a soldier and a chef.

Rush is known for his unique approach to cooking, blending his military background with his culinary expertise to create dishes that are both delicious and visually stunning. He has been featured in numerous media outlets, including The Washington Post, The New York Times, and CNN.

In addition to his work as a chef, Rush is also a strong advocate for mental health awareness and suicide prevention. He has spoken openly about his own struggles with mental health and encourages others to seek help when they need it.

Overall, Chef Andre Rush is a dynamic and inspiring figure who has made a significant impact both in the culinary world and beyond. His dedication to excellence, coupled with his commitment to helping others, has made him a valuable resource for anyone looking to succeed in their personal and professional lives.

Shama Hyder | The Business Anecdote

Shama Hyder is a leading digital marketing strategist, entrepreneur, author, and speaker who has made a significant impact in the world of marketing and social media. Born in India, Hyder moved to the United States when she was nine years old and grew up in Texas.

After graduating from the University of Texas, Hyder launched her own digital marketing agency, The Marketing Zen Group. Since then, she has become a highly sought-after speaker and consultant, working with major corporations such as AT&T, Chase, and T-Mobile.

Hyder is widely recognized as a thought leader in the field of digital marketing, with her expertise in areas such as social media marketing, influencer marketing, and content marketing. She has authored several books, including "The Zen of Social Media Marketing" and "Momentum: How to Propel Your Marketing and Transform Your Brand in the Digital Age."

In addition to her work as an entrepreneur and author, Hyder is also a dedicated philanthropist. She has supported several charitable causes over the years, including education and women's empowerment.

Hyder's commitment to excellence and her innovative approach to marketing have earned her numerous awards and accolades. She has been named one of the "Top 30 Under 30 Entrepreneurs" by Forbes and one of the "Top 10 Most Influential and Powerful Women in Social Media" by ForbesWoman.

Overall, Shama Hyder is a dynamic and inspiring figure who has made a significant impact in the world of marketing and entrepreneurship. Her dedication to helping others succeed, coupled with her commitment to excellence, has made her a valuable resource for anyone looking to grow their business in the digital age.

Caspar Lee | The Business Anecdote

Caspar Lee is an entrepreneur and investor who originally gained fame through his comedy videos on YouTube. Born in London in 1994, Lee grew up in South Africa and attended Crawford College in Pretoria.

In 2010, Lee launched his YouTube channel, where he posted videos of himself and his friends doing funny skits and pranks. His channel quickly gained a large following, and he became known for his witty humor and outgoing personality.

Over the years, Lee has expanded his brand beyond YouTube, into entrepreneurship and investment. He has cofounded several companies included, a data-led, global influencer marketing company, and, a Venture Capital firm that invests and collaborates with content creators.

Lee is also known for his dedication to philanthropy, supporting several charitable causes over the years, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Trevor Project. He has also been open about his struggles with mental health, using his platform to raise awareness and encourage others to seek help when they need it.

Gretta van Riel | The Business Anecdote

Gretta van Riel is a successful entrepreneur and social media influencer who has made a name for herself in the e-commerce industry. Known for her innovative approach to marketing and branding, she has built multiple successful businesses and has helped countless entrepreneurs launch their own ventures.

Born and raised in Australia, Gretta developed a passion for business at a young age. She started her first business when she was just 22 years old, selling handmade jewelry on Etsy. This early experience taught her the importance of branding and marketing, and she quickly learned how to leverage social media to grow her business.

After several successful years selling jewelry, Gretta decided to branch out into other areas of e-commerce. She founded a series of businesses, including SkinnyMe Tea, The 5th Watches, and Hey Influencers, all of which have been hugely successful. Her companies have generated millions of dollars in revenue, and she has been featured in numerous publications, including Forbes, Entrepreneur, and The Huffington Post.

Gretta's success is due in large part to her innovative approach to marketing. She has a deep understanding of social media and knows how to create content that resonates with her audience.

In addition to her business ventures, Gretta is also a sought-after speaker and consultant. She has spoken at events around the world and has worked with numerous companies to help them build their brands and grow their businesses. With her drive, creativity, and business acumen, Gretta van Riel is a true inspiration to anyone who wants to succeed in the e-commerce industry.

Shari Levitin | The Business Anecdote

Shari Levitin is a renowned sales expert, keynote speaker, and author who has helped organizations and individuals worldwide to improve their sales strategies and achieve success. She is the founder of the Shari Levitin Group, a sales training and consulting firm that focuses on helping companies increase revenue and improve customer loyalty.

Shari began her career as a salesperson for Marriott Corporation, where she quickly became one of their top producers. She then spent over two decades in the sales industry, working for companies such as IBM, Xerox, and Pfizer, where she held various sales and leadership positions.

In 1997, Shari founded the Levitin Group, which later became the Shari Levitin Group. Over the years, she has trained and coached Fortune 500 companies, including Hilton, Adobe, and Hyatt, as well as thousands of sales professionals worldwide. Shari has also authored two best-selling books, "Heart and Sell: 10 Universal Truths Every Salesperson Needs to Know" and "Emotional Intelligence for Sales Leadership."

Shari is a sought-after keynote speaker, and her TEDx talk, "Why Salespeople Fail, and What You Can Do About It," has been viewed by over 2 million people. She is also a regular contributor to Forbes and has been featured in publications such as Inc., Entrepreneur, and The New York Times.

Shari is known for her energetic and engaging speaking style, and her ability to connect with audiences of all sizes. She combines her extensive experience in sales and leadership with her passion for helping others to create practical and effective solutions for her clients.

In addition to her work with the Shari Levitin Group, Shari is also the co-founder of Levitin Learning, an eLearning platform that provides sales training to individuals and organizations worldwide.

Gulneet Chadh | The Business Anecdote

Gulneet Chadha is a Human Resource expert and the Founder and CEO of GC Consulting. She is also a certified Therapist, a licensed hypnotherapist, an author, an a mental health advocate. Gulneet describes herself as a technology geek, and is an advocate for technology being used to optimise processes and business growth.

Gulneet's expertise lies in helping companies redefine their perspective on HR in the 21st century. She believes that HR should not be just another department but should be at the forefront of the organization's goals and objectives. In line with this, her consulting firm is changing the narrative by helping companies see that HR should be in the driver's seat of any organization.

Through her consulting services, Chadha ensures that companies meet their bottom line and increase productivity while maintaining a focus on employee well-being. With her belief in technology's power to optimize processes and business growth, Chadha is a true advocate for the HR industry's evolution.

Janice Gassam Asare, Ph.D. | The Business Anecdote

Janice Gassam Asare, Ph.D. is a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategist, consultant, and keynote speaker based in the United States. She is the founder and CEO of BWG Business Solutions, LLC, a consulting firm that helps organizations foster inclusive workplace cultures and effectively navigate issues related to diversity and bias. Janice is one of LinkedIn's top voices when it comes to anti-racism. She is also a LinkedIn Learning Instructor.

Janice has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Maryland, College Park, and a Ph.D. in Applied Organizational Psychology from Hofstra University. She has also held various academic positions, including serving as an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Tampa.

As a DEI expert, Janice has written for publications such as Forbes and Harvard Business Review, and has been featured in numerous media outlets, including CNBC and The New York Times. She is also a sought-after keynote speaker and has delivered talks on a range of topics related to DEI, including unconscious bias, allyship, and inclusive leadership.

Janice's work is focused on helping organizations create more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces where all employees feel valued and supported. Through her consulting services, she helps organizations develop and implement DEI initiatives, conduct diversity trainings, and address issues related to diversity and bias in the workplace.

Lakrisha Davis | The Business Anecdote

Lakrisha Davis is an established LinkedIn marketing and branding expert. She is the founder of Lakrisha David & Co. and attributes the success of her brand to LinkedIn. Lakrisha is on a mission to share her secrets with other coaches and experts so they can achieve the same level of success.

After losing her high-paying corporate job in 2017, she saw an opportunity to build her personal brand on LinkedIn. Over the last 6 years she has achieved multiple 6-figures, and connected with thousands of leads and clients on LinkedIn.

With over 20 million LinkedIn impressions a year, Lakrisha has established herself as a thought leader and landed several speaking engagements with big brands like Capital One, AT&T, and Facebook. She has been featured on major news outlets such as ABC 7 News, CNBC, Forbes and Newsweek.

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