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Society’s responsibility for men's health

The wellness industry has been focused on the female health market for far too long. This has left male well-being very much in the background in certain fields like sexual health. This might have been because women have always lived under pressure to look good and follow beauty standards, while men have experienced this pressure on a different level. Having said that though, in recent times, they have begun to feel something similar.

During the last few years, brands have started focusing more on problems or worries specific to men, and especially on treatments for erectile dysfunction, hair loss, and psychological health.

Until relatively recently, as some stats show, men haven't really taken the time or initiative to look after themselves. Some of such stats show that “ninety per cent of men don’t seek help unless they have a serious problem”. Thankfully though, we are now living in times when men are starting to look after their well-being, and have left behind the outdated notion that “self care isn’t masculine”.

It’s quite clear that men aren't afraid to take care of their looks, health, and wealth anymore. They are spending millions on grooming products and other aids in order to improve their well-being, and it’s causing this sector to grow faster than ever before. Social networks have also influenced the evolution in men's well-being. Many men have followed wellness advice from social networks…and why not?

There are many ways of achieving better skin, hair, body and, of course, improving your sex life! Influential men, women and celebrities in general have become the voices of many brands, and their choices have started to have an impact on society. Whenever these celebrities mention any type of wellness product, people follow them. So, this begs the question: Why not be an influence on society and start giving men's sexual health the place it deserves? The fact is that there is an urgent need to promote the importance of taking care of everyone's well-being, and that men, and society in general, also need to give male wellness the importance it deserves.

Society has a responsibility to men's health, in the same way it has a responsibility to women’s health.

In terms of sexual well-being, it is important to remove any stigma that may surround this concept, as it has been shown that maintaining full sexual well-being is good for both physical and mental health. Here at MYHIXEL, we always work to enhance this message and, as November is men’s month, this is a great opportunity to make people aware of this area.

In our case, we have a campaign planned which has been created to continue to show the importance of male sexual well-being. We need to be conscious of all the concerns that surround this sector in terms of sexual wellness, and how men deal with it.

There is still a long way to go, but we are all part of this journey.

Nowadays, only 1 in 3 men talk about their sexual concerns and 85% prefer not to go to a specialist, which means that any sexual problem they may be experiencing could easily worsen.

Sadly, they may not make any effort to ever find a solution. The fact of the matter is that, if more men were to open up about these concerns, then they would discover that, in most cases, psychological factors are to blame for affecting their sexual well-being, and that there is a way to deal with it and overcome it.


Author’s BIO

Patricia López is the CEO and Founder of MYHIXEL. Born in Seville, she describes herself as a citizen of the world.

She has had several years of professional experience working in the Tourism and Sex-Tech industry.

Her company MYHIXEL, was founded in 2017 with the mission of improving male sexual well-being.

You can visit her company website at


This article was originally published in Issue 10 of the Business Anecdote Magazine.

Issue 10 of The Business Anecdote Magazine


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