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Next Level, Sex Level: Reinventing myself to take men’s wellness to the next level

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Patricia López is the CEO and Founder of MYHIXEL - The Business Anecdote

While working in the adult toys industry, I saw an opportunity to give sexual wellness the importance that it deserves. Alongside this, the idea of changing my career path and becoming an entrepreneur happened. On top of that, feminine sexual health was rising and becoming more relevant. Although there were few companies that were focusing on male sexual health, both of them still haven't fully expanded their brand awareness in a sector that is growing very fast.

After thinking about it for a time, it became clear that it was time to change the perspective on male sexual wellness and start merging it with science and technology. So, I took the plunge and started contacting experts in the sector to begin the research to develop products for men’s sexual health, tech, and education.

I had to reinvent myself, this was the first time that going out of my comfort zone did not involve me alone, but also my family and friends, who in some cases gave me all their life savings.

I thought about it for months, crunched the numbers, talked to potential suppliers and partners, and when everything fell into place, I knew there was no turning back. I remember going to the shipping company to send the boxes with the first prototypes or doing the first clinical trial with patients and thinking, “What am I doing? Is this going anywhere?” But I kept walking and it became the beginning of MYHIXEL.

I would dare to say that one of the most interesting parts in this journey was realizing how sexual wellness can benefit from recent developments in technology, making innovation a great ally to enrich male sexual health. It’s interesting how if you find the correct way to merge technology innovation and health concerns, you can make a product that can improve people's lives while being accessible to everyone.

After a while, I can say that the journey of an entrepreneur isn’t always easy but it’s always rewarding. When we launched the first MYHIXEL solution it became clear that we have accomplished something that makes a difference and helps people. Sexual Wellness is still a taboo that we should break, to have good health in general. We’ve been working towards breaking it and normalizing this topic.

The more we talk about sexual wellness the more we’re erasing the stigma surrounding it, and the better we can help improve people's health. Not only from a health perspective, but from a pleasure perspective too. It's often thought that pleasure is only leisure, but it affects our physical and mental health too.

This points out the relevance about how important a good sexual education is, and how it can impact our lives for the better. In my opinion, sexual education shouldn't be only the birds and the bees but it should include things such as personal hygiene, exploring, feelings, limits, etc. It is possible that in the future we will take more care of the quality of our sexual life, because we have more education and more awareness about the importance of having better relationships.

Up until now, being a woman leading in a sector focused on men, has been an exciting challenge, and still is. Besides, knowing that our work helps men reach a greater sexual wellbeing is totally satisfying, and pushes me to keep working for men, and their partners to reach their next sexual level. Now, another adventure begins for me in The Business Anecdote, one which I’ll be trying to create awareness around sexual health and wellness. I will be talking about my experiences and giving insights as a female entrepreneur. There will also be discussions around innovation and how it's changing our lives.


Author’s BIO

Patricia López is the CEO and Founder of MYHIXEL. Born in Seville, she describes herself as a citizen of the world.

She has had several years of professional experience working in the Tourism and Sex-Tech industry.

Her company MYHIXEL, was founded in 2017 with the mission of improving male sexual well-being.



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