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Morgan Leigh Miller: Revolutionizing Patient Care with the Morganleigh Device

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, innovation is the driving force behind improved patient outcomes. One such innovator is Morgan Leigh Miller, the founder of Miller Co Medical Devices and a remarkable entrepreneur who has made significant strides in the medical device industry. Her creation, the Morganleigh Device, promises to enhance patient comfort and safety, particularly during hospital stays.

Morgan Leigh Miller | The Business Anecdote

The Genesis of an Idea

Morgan's journey began at Indiana University (IU), where she pursued a double major in psychology and business. Little did she know that her path would soon diverge into uncharted territory. After graduating with a bachelor's degree in general studies, Morgan found herself working as a Patient Care Technician at IU Health Bloomington. Her responsibilities included physically turning patients every two hours to prevent pressure sores and tunnel ulcers—a crucial task for bedridden or immobile patients.

However, this seemingly routine duty took a toll on both patients and care technicians. The physical strain of manually repositioning patients often resulted in injuries. Morgan herself experienced the challenges firsthand when she got hurt during the process. It was this pivotal moment that sparked her determination to find a better solution—one that would alleviate the burden on medical staff while ensuring patient well-being.

The Birth of the Morganleigh Device

Driven by her vision, Morgan embarked on a mission to create a groundbreaking medical device. She envisioned a tool that would automatically turn patients, eliminating the need for manual lifting and placing pillows. The result of her relentless efforts was the Morganleigh Device, a patented invention that revolutionizes patient care.

Some key features of the Morganleigh Device include:

1. Automated Turning Mechanism: The device gently rotates patients on their beds, reducing the strain on nurses and care technicians. This automated process ensures consistent turning intervals, promoting circulation and preventing pressure-related complications.

2. Comfort and Safety: Patients experience less discomfort during turning, as the Morganleigh Device operates smoothly and efficiently. The device significantly reduces the risk of injuries to medical staff.

3. Research and Development: Morgan dedicated four years to research, development, and fine-tuning. Her commitment paid off when the device received its patent in January 2023. This allowed her company to partner with Mursix Corporation, a 40 million dollar company that manufactures medical devices for Baxter Pharmaceuticals and Trifecta Medical. According to Morgan, Mursix has agreed to exclusively manufacture and distribute her products from their plant in Yorktown.

Entrepreneurial Journey

Morgan's transition from a patient care technician to an entrepreneur was marked by determination and resourcefulness. Here are some key milestones:

1. Design and Prototyping: Morgan sought funding through the Indiana Small Business Development Center (INTAP). With their assistance, she refined the prototype, identified essential components, and built the Morganleigh Device.

2. Partnerships and Recognition: Morgan's collaboration with the University of Southern Indiana (USI) further accelerated her venture. Her dedication caught the attention of Elevate Ventures, which recognized her as a promising entrepreneur. The Morganleigh Device was a winner in their pitch competitions, securing vital investments.

3. Raising funds: Morgan has personally invested more than $120,000 of her life savings into her company. She is currently raising $700,000 to continue her journey.

Impact and Future Prospects

The Morganleigh Device has the potential to transform patient care globally. Its adoption in hospitals and healthcare facilities promises improved outcomes, reduced strain on medical staff, and enhanced patient comfort. Morgan's journey from a psychology and business major to a medical device inventor, serves as an inspiring testament to the power of innovation.

As we look ahead, Morgan Leigh Miller's legacy continues to unfold. Her commitment to improving lives through technology exemplifies the spirit of entrepreneurship, and the Morganleigh Device stands as a beacon of progress in the medical field.


In the corridors of hospitals, where compassion meets science, Morgan Leigh Miller's invention silently works its magic. The Morganleigh Device which is a testament to human ingenuity, not only turns patients but also the wheels of progress. As we celebrate her achievements, let us remember that innovation knows no boundaries, and sometimes, it takes a determined bus driver turned entrepreneur to change the world, one turn at a time.


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