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Interview with Course Creation Coach - Veronica Safoa Owusu - Founder of V-Power Coaching

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

The Business Anecdote had the pleasure of interviewing Veronica Safoa Owusu, a dynamic serial entrepreneur and Deep Dive Mindset Coach, who is also the Founder of V-Power Coaching and The Impact Course Creation Academy.

Two things caught our eyes when it came to Veronica: Her innovative approach to creating online courses, and her style of social media engagement.

Veronica Safoa Owusu The Business Anecdote

Hello Veronica. Thank you for participating in this Q&A session. We would like to start by exploring your origin story. Please give us an overview of your background, career and your journey as a personal growth coach?

Veronica: I'm a mum of two, born and bred in Ghana to a Ghanaian traditional father and a liberal Polish mother. Professionally, I am a trained Teacher, Deep Dive Mindset Coach, and an Online Course Creation Specialist. Added to that, I‘m a dancing addict and music takes over my soul.

I have spent over a decade teaching thousands of students and professionals, creating lesson plans, courses and programmes development schemes, deep diving into the inner world of hundreds of my clients to unearth their Gold Dust, and packaging it into transformational online courses that are aligned with their truth, and loved by their raving clients! But not everyone knows that the journey to where I am now, really started with me standing in front of the Pawn Brokers shop over 10 years ago, selling my precious belongings, as two of our companies had been declared bankrupt.

I remember that voice of my warrior spirit, caged, asking "What on earth are you doing?Are these the kind of choices you want to be making? Is this the life you want to lead?" The answer was a "Hell No!" It was in that moment "Vpowerless" transformed into "VPower".

I took 100% self-responsibility for all that had happened. I reprogrammed my mind and planted new seeds of inspiration, empowerment and enlightenment. I rediscovered the truth of who I was, declared to the Universe what I wanted to be, do and have. Took the first action step, and have never looked back.

Today, my work is recognised by organisations, such as, The United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO). I worked with them on an impactful project called "Gender Lens Investing Online Course", and with NHS UK, coaching some of their leadership team members.

I don't believe in cookie-cutter formulas, but I do believe in structure. I feel the course creation market has lost its soul to gold diggers, and ‘make money quick’ schemes. My mission is to help as many Lightworkers and Impactpreneurs, find their voice, unravel their tribe, serve them with an irresistible offer, and provide training courses that actually transforms lives!

I also don't believe in perfection, I believe in impact. Creating and enhancing your online course is a continuous journey. Focus on delivering transformation and impact rather than all the glitter, bells and confetti.

What are the key challenges you faced in your career as a black woman and business leader? Veronica: I am the daughter of a traditional Ashanti Father from Ghana and a Liberal mother from Poland. I had a cocktail fusion of cultures. But the African culture was instilled in me the most. Especially the Principles of the Ashanti tribe.

My father taught us about Respect. Respect to yourself, your elders and others. He told us stories of the Great Ashanti Kingdom that reigned most of East and West African in the ancient days. He told us of the Great Queen Yaa Asantewaa who gathered the men to fight against the British in a revolution. Women were very much respected within the African Tribe. He taught us to be proud but not arrogant. Bold but not bossy. Kind, but not weak.

Being born and bred in Ghana, I was very confident in my identity. So when I left for Poland to do my Masters in Educational Sciences, and I was the only black girl in the whole faculty, I took pride in that. I was never ashamed of my skin colour. I was proud of my origin. Whenever I encountered racism, I reminded myself of the stories my father told me of his days studying in Poland too, and how he challenged a white man who called him "dirty". He said " Let's swipe our finger on this white piece of paper and then I we will see who is really dirty!!!"

That story always made me laugh at the ignorant people who called me names, spat on me or tried to hit me because of my skin colour. The support of my family and friends both in Ghana and Poland showed me that not everyone is like that. There are some really good souls in this world. I focus on the good so I experience more good. I always knew it was never about me.

I am Veronica Safoa Owusu, from the Ashanti Tribe. We are proud of who we are. No one can bring me down with their spiteful words, for I know who I am.

My cultural background, my origin and my skin colour, are my Gold Dust, and I have expressed that in how I show up personally and professionally. The value I have to offer and my Gold Dust, speaks louder that anything superficial.

Veronica Safoa Owusu

Has your coaching career been influenced by any past or present industry leaders?

Veronica: I remember as a young teenager back in Ghana, I watched ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’. I certainly looked up to her and she is still an inspiration. The words of Maya Angelou have got me through tough times and allowed me to rise, like dust. Lisa Nichols has shown me that our stories are no longer ours to own. They must be given purpose.

By sharing our stories, our failures, our triumphs and challenges in life, they become tools of inspiration, empowerment and transformation. Owning my story has been a big part of who I am today.

Please give us an overview of your companies “V-Power Coaching” and “The Impact Course Creation Academy”? What are their value proposition and target market?

Veronica: The Impact Course Creation Academy is for Impactpreneurs and Lightworkers who have a calling that they can no longer ignore, and are ready to unearth and package their Gold Dust into a transformational online course that is aligned with their truth.

The problem is they are not quite sure where and how to start. They aren't clear on who exactly is their soulmate client, or even how to structure a course that doesn't become the next "me-too" thing. The good news is they cannot deny the calling. It found them, they know they must do something to level up their game! This is where the V-Power Coach comes in.

I Deep Dive coach Lightworkers and Impactpreneurs to unearth their 'Gold Dust'. I then package it Into a Transformational online course, and craft an irresistable Offer that elevates their Impact, influence and income.

We need more coaches and consultants that have the focus, clarity and confidence to show up, rise up and voice up.
Veronica Safoa Owusu

What makes the value proposition of “V-Power Coaching” unique when compared to its competitors?

Veronica: What makes me different is the Deep Dive process of unearthing my client's Gold Dust. The essence from which a transformational online course is designed. Most course creation gurus out there never go that deep. Most course creation gurus aren't Educators with over 84 million hours of experience in teaching, and don't have the skills to transfer knowledge in a way that leads to a behavioural change in the student.

You can have all the knowledge in the world, but if you do not know how to deliver it and teach it, all you are doing is transferring knowledge that won’t lead to transformation.

My teaching skills, my Deep dive coaching skills, my experience in the online world and how to stand out and market yourself, my passion, my story and my message is what makes me unique.

We are all unique once we own our Gold Dust.

Before we conclude this interview we would like to talk about your social media engagement style. In a lot of your posts you dance and we love it. Please tell us what the inspiration is behind this style of social media engagement, and where did you learn those moves 😁?

Veronica: As far back a primary school, I loved dancing and preforming. I was in the Drama club all the way to secondary school. I was in a Dance club led by one, Aunty Baaba. She taught us African Dance. I performed in all the school functions and talents show!

As a child, I wanted to perform. Being born in Ghana, the beating of the drums live within me. Whenever I hear the beat of anything that sounds like a drum, my body automatically moves. Once I unearthed my Gold Dust, dancing and entertainment was clearly a big part of my talent and natural gifts. I use my dancing very strategically. It's part of my business plan. By expressing myself through dance, I grow my community of likeminded souls that vibrate on the same frequency as I.

Through my dance, I attract people that see likeness in me and repel those that don't. Through dance I build bridges that people feel safe to cross over and approach me. Through dance I build curiosity. My tribe wants to learn more about this professional woman who fearlessly dances. Through dance, I build confidence as I enter a state of flow and allow the floodgates of abundance to open.

In Africa, dance has deep meaning. It tells a story. It exposes the soul. People trust you. People come to like you, and W hen they learn more about you, they want to do business with you. EDU-tainment is how I like to see it. Fun is one of my highest values.

If it's not fun or impactful, I am not interested. Having fun should be a part of everybody's business plan and we would have less stressed people in the world.

Thank you Veronica for participating in this Q&A session. We wish you all the best.

Veronica: Thank you

Veronica Safoa Owusu

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