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Interview with Jordan Mendoza | Founder and CEO | Blaze Your Own Trail Consulting, LLC

Jordan Mendoza is the Founder & CEO of Blaze Your Own Trail Consulting, LLC, where he helps entrepreneurs grow their business through strategic marketing, sales and leadership consulting. Jordan has held marketing and sales roles since the early age of 14 when he got his first job selling newspaper subscriptions door to door, which he attributes a lot of his sales skills to.

After doing a number of sales jobs from telemarketing, B2B and more, Jordan spent 15 Years in the Multi-Family Housing Industry and held multiple roles which included, Leasing Professional, Assistant Community Manager and Community Manager, before an 8 years stint as a Regional Training & Development Manager.

From 2016-2020 Jordan taught a 6 months Leadership Program where he used his MBTI Certification to facilitate training and coaching for 15 plus participants each year. In April of 2019 Jordan started creating content on Linkedin and quickly realized the power of the organic reach. By December, he had amassed 20k followers using the strategy he now teaches his clients in his 12 Week Linkedin Program. In 2020 alone Jordan's content reached over 3 Million views and his audience has now expanded to 60K plus followers.

Now a full-time trailblazer, Jordan's goal is to use his podcast, his Linkedin Coaching Program and other consulting services, to help over 1000 entrepreneurs grow their brands, increase their impact and grow their revenue each year.

Jordan Mendoza - The Business Anecdote Interview

What initially attracted you to the real estate sector before moving into entrepreneurship?

Jordan: Honestly, I’ll say the benefits. To give you some context, I was working for my Dad's Landscaping company at the time, and lived in an apartment building with my wife Natalie and our first Son, who was just 6 months old then. The office team I worked with made a comment. They said I always smile and had a positive attitude, then they asked if I was interested in applying for a Leasing Consultant role.

After explaining I knew nothing about leasing but had sales experience, they said I should apply and would be paid hourly plus commission and benefits. I was sold and moved up several times in my 15 years tenure with Gables Residential.

Why did you leave the real estate industry to become an Entrepreneur?

Jordan: It was never really about Real Estate for me. What kept me there was the people I met along the way and the relationships I forged. There was also a very strong company culture for more then a decade. In 2016 I was a participant in a 6 Months Leadership Program that opened my eyes. I got certified in MBTI in 2017 and taught the Program for 3 years.

Seeing the impact I was having as a coach within the corporate environment led me to start asking myself the question, “Could I have this same impact or greater on my own?" After a couple years doing my business as a side hustle the answer become a clear, “ Yes”.

Jordan Mendoza - The Business Anecdote Interview

What key challenges have you faced in your entrepreneurial journey and how have you managed these?

Jordan: Going from Salary to Commission was a challenge I had to overcome. Others include, - Setting clear goals,

- Doubting myself,

- Reminding myself of my "why".

Has your entrepreneurial journey been influenced by any past or present business leaders?

Jordan: Gary Vee inspired me to start my podcast. Heather Monahan inspired me to blaze my own trail. She gave me the confidence that I could launch my own business.

What’s the origin story behind your company ‘Blaze Your Own Trail Consulting, LLC’?

Jordan: When I left Corporate America I did it so that I could have a larger impact in the world. Our mission is to help others blaze their own trail in business and in life. Weather it be Marketing, Sales or Leadership we want to help others elevate themselves, and stand out from the crowd by showcasing their strengths consistently in all areas.

How would you describe the value proposition of ‘Blaze Your Own Trail Consulting, LLC’?

Jordan: We Help Entrepreneurs Increase their visibility, impact and Income through strategic Marketing, Sales and Leadership Consulting.

Jordan Mendoza - The Business Anecdote Interview

You host a podcast called ‘Blaze Your Own Trail’. Please give us an overview of what your Podcast is about, and it’s target audience?

Jordan: In ‘Blaze Your Own Trail’ podcast, I interview people from around the world who have blazed their own trail in business and life, to find out their journey to success. My target audience are aspiring entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and people that like professional development.

Before we conclude the Q&A session do you have anything you would like to add? Jordan: Visit my company website to learn more about how we can help you grow your business👇.

Thank you Jordan for participating in this Q&A session, we wish you all the best.

Jordan: Thank you.

Jordan Mendoza - The Business Anecdote Interview

👉Follow Jordan Mendoza on Instagram @jordanjmendoza


This article was originally published in Issue 10 of The Business Anecdote Magazine.

The Business Anecdote Issue 10



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