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Fastest Growing Startups in 2024

Updated: Mar 25

The startup landscape is ever-evolving, and 2024 promises to be an exciting year for innovative ventures. From cutting-edge technology to sustainable solutions, these startups are making waves and reshaping industries. The 16 startups in question are Unitary, Lottie, Maeving, KatKin, Peppy, Zero Gravity, Better Dairy, UNDO Carbon Ltd, THIS™, Packfleet, Audiomob, Immersive Gamebox, Quantum Dice, Muddy Machines Ltd, Banked and Bio&Me. Let’s dive into their stories:

Unitary AI | The Business Anecdote

Unitary was born out of a shared desire by its co-founders, Sasha Haco (CEO) and James Thewlis(CTO), to tackle real-world challenges related to online safety. Their fascination with content moderation led them to create a solution that goes beyond mere detection—it aims to understand every piece of content in detail.

Unitary’s mission is clear: Make the internet safer. Brands and platforms often struggle to keep up with the sheer volume of user-generated content. Unitary steps in by providing context-aware AI and multimodal machine learning methods. These technologies allow brands and platforms to interpret content accurately, swiftly, and at scale.

In 2020, Unitary secured £1.35 million in seed funding to develop its AI-driven content moderation technology. The company’s trial launch in September showcased its potential to automatically detect harmful content, relieving human moderators of this arduous task.

Fast-forward to 2023, and Unitary has raised an impressive €14.3 million in Series A funding. Led by investors such as Creandum, Paladin Capital Group, and Plural, this investment coincides with Unitary’s expansion across multiple languages. The team has tripled its daily video classification capacity, now analyzing 6 million videos per day.

Lottie | The Business Anecdote

In the realm of social care, Lottie stands out as a beacon of innovation and compassion. Founded by brothers Chris and Will Donnelly, this London-based startup is transforming the way families find suitable care and nursing homes for their loved ones.

Lottie is the UK’s first directory that showcases a vetted supply of care and nursing homes. What sets Lottie apart is its commitment to transparency. Care providers are required to divulge all fees upfront. No hidden costs, no surprises—just clarity for families during a challenging time.

Lottie combines human empathy with tech-powered execution. Its intelligent search engine allows care seekers to find homes that match their needs. But it doesn’t stop there. By negotiating upfront fees, Lottie claims to have saved care seekers an impressive £5,000 off the listed price of a care home per year.

Maeving | The Business Anecdote

Maeving is a pioneering British startup that has revolutionized urban travel with its cutting-edge electric motorcycles. Founded in 2018 by Seb Inglis-Jones and Will Stirrup, Maeving is Britain's first electric motorcycle manufacturer. Their flagship model, the Maeving RM1, boasts removable batteries that can be charged using standard three-pin sockets, making charging as convenient as charging a smartphone.

Maeving's commitment to green mobility, cost-effective charging, and UK-based manufacturing has propelled them to international success, with expansion into Europe, Australia, and the United States. Whether you're an eco-conscious rider or simply seeking an efficient and stylish way to navigate city streets, Maeving's electric motorcycles are leading the charge toward a greener future of urban mobility!

Katkin | The Business Anecdote

KatKin is a UK-based fresh cat food company founded in 2019 by siblings Brett and Nikki O’Farrell. Their recipes are formulated by a Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionist using human-grade meat. The foods are gently steam-cooked and frozen fresh, then delivered to your door via a convenient monthly subscription. KatKin prioritizes feline health, offering tailored meals for cats of all ages, from playful kittens to sophisticated seniors.

Whether you're a devoted cat parent or simply seeking the best for your feline companion, KatKin's commitment to fresh, nutritious food sets them apart.

Peppy | The Business Anecdote

Peppy is a platform that connects employees to real, human health experts, providing support for various health journeys. Whether it's navigating menopause, fertility, men's health, women's health, or the journey of having a baby, Peppy offers practical and emotional assistance. Employees have unlimited access to these services at no cost, making it a valuable resource for organizations.

By supporting their people through underserved health experiences, Peppy helps individuals take control of their well-being and bring their best selves to work every day.

Zero Gravity | The Business Anecdote

Zero Gravity is a platform that empowers students to unlock their university and career ambitions. It provides free access to mentoring, masterclasses, scholarships, and a digital community. Whether you’re a school student or a university student, Zero Gravity supports you throughout your educational journey.

From personalized career opportunities to connecting with industry professionals, Zero Gravity helps you build a successful future. Their mission is to take talent from underserved areas and guide them from school to top universities and onward to fulfilling careers.

Better Dairy | The Business Anecdote

Better Dairy, founded in January 2020 by Jevan Nagarajah (CEO) and Dr. Christopher Reynolds (CTO), is a pioneering food tech company based in Hackney, London. Their mission revolves around producing better foods in better ways. The company has garnered significant attention and funding since its inception. With a team of over 25 scientists, technologists, and food enthusiasts, Better Dairy is at the forefront of developing animal-free dairy products using precision fermentation.

Their focus lies in creating aged and mature animal-free cheeses that are molecularly identical to traditional dairy, all without relying on animals. To date, they have raised over $20 million in funding, positioning themselves as a key player in the sustainable food industry.

UNDO Carbon Ltd | The Business Anecdote

UNDO Carbon Ltd is a fast-growing, for-profit business dedicated to addressing the pressing challenge of our time: climate change. Their mission is twofold: permanently remove over 1 billion tonnes of CO₂ and make carbon removal accessible to all. Founded by Jim Mann, UNDO employs enhanced weathering technology, which kick-starts nature’s own carbon capture process, locking away CO₂ permanently. Their approach involves spreading crushed silicate rock, such as basalt, on agricultural land. This enriches soil health while simultaneously removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through a process called enhanced rock weathering.

UNDO’s vision extends beyond business—it’s about safeguarding our planet for future generations.

By accelerating nature’s solution, they’re making strides toward a greener future, where carbon removal is not just a necessity but a shared responsibility.

This | The Business Anecdote

THIS™, a pioneering meat alternative startup, is at the forefront of the UK’s transition away from traditional meat consumption. Founded in 2019 by Andy Shovel and Pete Sharman, THIS™ is on a mission to revolutionize the way we think about plant-based food. Their market-leading meat alternatives boast hyper-realistic flavor, making them as tasty as beef, chicken, and even bacon. As a certified B Corp business, THIS™ aims to put millions of livestock into early retirement by offering products that deliver a remarkable 92.4% reduction in emissions compared to conventional meat. Rather than merely catering to vegans and vegetarians, THIS™ seeks to win over open-minded meat lovers with its delicious alternatives.

From bacon-scented perfume campaigns to sponsoring a town named Quorn, THIS™ has made its mark. You can find their products in major retailers across the UK, including the Boots meal deal. Having conquered the UK market, THIS™ has set its sights on world domination, expanding internationally with a successful launch in the Netherlands. With hyper-realistic meat-free options, THIS™ is proving that plant-based doesn’t mean compromising on taste or sustainability.

Packfleet | The Business Anecdote

Packfleet is a fully electric UK-based parcel courier, primarily operating in London and within the M25. Founded in 2021 by three former Monzo employees, Packfleet has raised £9 million in investment from notable backers such as Tom Blomfield, General Catalyst, Entree Capital, and Creandum. This innovative delivery platform offers a seamless experience for e-commerce businesses. Here’s what makes Packfleet stand out:

  • Magical Deliveries Powered by Technology: Packfleet integrates with your e-commerce platform, providing a comprehensive software platform to manage and oversee deliveries in real-time. Whether you’re shipping 50 or 50,000 parcels, Packfleet ensures a smooth process.

  • Carbon-Neutral Deliveries: All of Packfleet’s vehicles are 100% electric and charged by renewable energy, making every package delivery carbon-neutral. As a registered B-Corp, Packfleet prioritizes environmental and social impact alongside business growth.

  • Lower Failure Rate: With a 10x lower failure rate than leading competitors, Packfleet ensures reliable and on-time deliveries for your customers.

  • Real Living Wage: Packfleet values its delivery drivers and compensates them with at least the Real Living Wage. Their commitment to fair pay reflects in their service quality.

  • London and Beyond: Currently serving London and the M25, Packfleet has plans to expand to more cities in the coming months. They collect from 3PLs, warehouses, and merchants across the UK, making last-mile deliveries efficient and hassle-free.

Audiomob | The Business Anecdote

Audiomob is an innovative company revolutionizing the way audio advertising is integrated into mobile gaming. Founded in 2020 by Christian Facey and Wilfrid Obeng, Audiomob offers a non-intrusive advertising solution that allows game developers to monetize their games through audio ads without disrupting the gameplay experience. Their patented technology enables advertisers to reach a highly engaged audience of mobile gamers worldwide, with a user base estimated at 3 billion. Audiomob’s approach has garnered attention and accolades, including being named Startup of the Year 2022, reflecting its impact on the gaming and advertising industries. The company’s commitment to a consumer-first approach and flexible working culture has also contributed to its rapid growth and success.

Immersive Gamebox | The Business Anecdote

Immersive Gamebox offers a unique entertainment experience that combines physical activity with digital technology. Located in various cities including Manchester, it provides interactive gaming rooms where players can engage in a variety of challenges using motion tracking, projection mapping, touch screens, and surround sound. It's designed for all ages, making it an ideal venue for family outings, social gatherings, or team-building events. The games are crafted to be accessible and fun, ensuring that everyone, regardless of gaming experience, can enjoy the immersive adventures.

Quantum Dice | The Business Anecdote

Quantum Dice, an Oxford University spinout, has been making waves in the quantum technology landscape. Their focus lies in developing hardware for a crucial aspect of encryption: quantum random number generators (RNGs). Here are some key points about Quantum Dice:

- RNGs for the Future: Quantum Dice’s RNGs are poised to be the “world’s fastest.” These compact and self-certifying devices play a pivotal role in ensuring secure communication by generating truly random numbers based on quantum principles.

- Investment and Valuation: Since their inception in 2019, Quantum Dice has raised approximately $5.8 million in funding. Notably, they recently completed a pre-seed fundraise of £2 million, led by venture capital fund Elaia Partners, along with IP Group plc and the UK Innovation and Science Seed Fund (UKI2S) managed by Midven.

- Quantum Computing Landscape: The quantum computing field is witnessing record investments. In 2022 alone, investors poured $2.35 billion into quantum technology start-ups, surpassing the previous year’s record. Technical breakthroughs, such as quantum processors with hundreds of qubits and demonstrations of quantum advantage, are driving investor confidence.

- Future Potential: Quantum computing is projected to create substantial market value.

Some experts anticipate an $850 billion impact by 2040, with industries like automotive, chemicals, financial services, and life sciences standing to gain up to $1.3 trillion in value by 2035.

Quantum Dice’s journey exemplifies the exciting intersection of cutting-edge science, investment, and the promise of a quantum-powered future.

Muddy Machines Ltd | The Business Anecdote

Muddy Machines Ltd, founded in 2020, is a pioneering company that aims to revolutionize agriculture through sustainable and innovative technology. Their mission is to address labor shortages in farming by introducing fully electric robotic platforms. These cutting-edge machines enable growers to increase productivity while ensuring fresher and more sustainable food production.

One of their remarkable inventions is the asparagus harvester, which uses advanced AI to selectively harvest ripe spears, leaving immature ones for another day. Additionally, their field robot, Sprout, combines 3D cameras, deep learning, and other sensors to navigate challenging environments, avoiding obstacles and hazards. Muddy Machines' commitment to net-zero farming and their collaboration with farming partners make them a vital force in shaping the future of agriculture.

Banked | The Business Anecdote

Banked, founded with a vision to transform payment methods and infrastructure, is reimagining the landscape of digital transactions worldwide. Their mission is to create a fairer, faster, and highly secure payment network for both merchants and consumers. By leveraging modern banking rails, Banked powers real-time payments that enhance customer experiences, improve payment security, boost business efficiency, and reduce costs. Their innovative approach focuses on legacy experience enhancement, privacy, and operational efficiencies. Notably, Banked enables consumers to pay without sharing financial data, using biometric authorization, and ensuring merchants receive funds in real time.

Bio& Me | The Business Anecdote

Bio&Me, founded by Dr. Megan Rossi, PhD, is a trailblazing brand dedicated to promoting gut health through delicious and nutritious food. Dr. Rossi, a registered dietitian and world-leading gut specialist, recognized the need for supermarket products that genuinely support gut health. In 2019, she co-founded Bio&Me with Jon Walsh, aiming to bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and practical food choices. Their range of gut-loving products includes granola, porridge, and muesli, all designed to enhance gut microbiome health. These offerings are high in fiber, free from added sugar, and feature a diverse mix of plant-based ingredients such as seeds, legumes, nuts, vegetables, fruit, and whole grains. With a focus on prebiotics and chicory root fiber, Bio&Me caters to vegetarians and vegans, ensuring a healthier gut for all.

These startups exemplify resilience, innovation, and adaptability. Keep an eye on them—they're shaping the future! 🚀



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