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Colin Powell 1937 - 2021: Even heroes make mistakes

Every story as a beginning, middle and end. When judging a great story you have to consider all parts of it and not just the ones you find convenient.

Firstly, we would like to extend our condolence to the family of Colin Powell. He was a great leader and even a greater man. More importantly, as a member of the black community he broke down boundaries and opted to support Barack Obama for president rather than running for office himself. But, it is essential we look at the other part of his story.

➡️Colin Powell was the man whose testimony before the United Nations Security Council about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction, convinced many Americans and elected officials to invade the nation.

➡️Various statistics point out that between a 100k to more than one million people have lost their lives directly or indirectly, because the US decided to invade Iraqi.

➡️While this was not one of Colin Powell’s finest moments, he would later admit that the intel he received was wrong. But alas, millions of lives were lost in this war, and Iraq became a hotspot for terror groups.

➡️It takes a true leader to admit they are wrong but this is a grey area. Should Colin Powell be remembered for justifying a war with wrong intel that led to the deaths of millions or should he be remembered as the great leader and true American patriot who supported Barack Obama and gave America its first black president? We will leave that to you to decide. Once more we say Rest in peace Colin Powell.

👉A reminder to all, our words carry weight. They can bring peace or cause wars. Be careful how you use them.

Below are some motivational quotes from the late Colin Powell


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