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Patricia López

Patricia López Trabajo is the CEO and Founder of MYHIXEL. Born in Seville, she describes herself as a citizen of the world.

She has had several years of professional experience working in the Tourism and Sex-Tech industry.


Her company MYHIXEL, was founded in 2017 with the mission of improving male sexual well-being.

It is a pioneering brand developing a revolutionary scientifically proven method, that helps men and their partners to reach a new sexual level.


After a successful Kickstarter campaign in October of 2018, MYHIXEL sold more than 500 units in 30 days, across 35 different countries. We had the pleasure of having a Q&A session with Patricia where she shared her business anecdote with us.

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September 25, 2021

While working in the adult toys industry, I saw an opportunity to give sexual wellness the importance that it deserves. Alongside this, the idea of changing my career path and becoming an entrepreneur happened. On top of that, feminine sexual health was rising and becoming more relevant. Although there were few companies that were focusing on male sexual health, both of them still haven't fully expanded their brand awareness in a sector that is growing very fast.


Patricia López

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