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Gretchen Philyaw

As President and Founder of USA Loves Manufacturing, Gretchen has created an organization that promotes and advocates for USA Manufacturing & Technology.  USA LOVES MFG is committed to recognizing the tremendous impact the Manufacturing & Technology industries have on our nation.  Gretchen envisioned an organization that would support the Manufacturing & Technology arena and lift up the people that make it happen everyday.


Gretchen, also serves as President of Magenta Technologies, LLC., an industrial automation company in Atlanta, GA. Gretchen has a proven executive management track record and over 15 years of experience driving sales growth in the manufacturing & technology industry.   She is recognized as a Voice in the Maintenance & Reliability Industry. She earned a BBA in Marketing at the University of Georgia, Terry College of Business. 


Through events like the upcoming Fabric of America television show on the JUL-TV network and the launch of Fabric of America, a coffee table publication, Gretchen works to highlight the people and stories that make America and ultimately the world great!

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September 24, 2021

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Gretchen Philyaw

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